Christchurch Depot


The 2,000 mt Christchurch installation at Woolston is supplied by a ten kilometre pipeline over the Port Hills from Lyttleton. The installation and pipeline were commissioned in August 1985. The Lyttleton pipeline is supplied by bulk tankers from Port Taranaki and imports from Australia. Christchurch Depot 50 Chapmans Road Woolston Read more…

Auckland Depot


This 2,300 mt installation is sited at Wiri adjacent to the Wiri Oil Services installation. A pipeline from the terminal extends some five kilometres to a Liquigas owned marine terminal in the Papakura channel at the southern end of the Manukau Harbour. Auckland Depot: 40 McLaughlins Road Wiri, Manukau City Read more…

LPG Tankers

The bulk tankers which deliver LPG to the Liquigas depots are owned by shipping companies Geogas and Origin Shipping. With capacity between 1500 and 2500 tonnes, the tankers operate on a demand basis with an average of two deliveries a week in winter into Christchurch.

Dunedin Depot


This 1,300 mt installation became operational in February 1984. The installation is supplied by bulk tankers from Port Taranaki and imports from Australia. The importance of the Dunedin facility is reflected in the fact that almost all sales of LPG in the South Island south of Timaru pass through the Read more…

Taranaki Depot


Liquigas has its own 400 metric tonne (mt) storage at Oaonui and a further 1,000 mt at Port Taranaki. A fifty kilometre Liquigas-owned pipeline connection links the two facilities. The Liquigas facilities in Taranaki have been in operation since February 1984 when the first bulk supplies of LPG were shipped Read more…