New Zealanders use over 170,000 tonnes of LPG every year, for heating, cooking, as a vehicle fuel and, of course, for the great Kiwi barbecue. Whether it’s used in a home, a restaurant, hotel, or industrial setting, around 50% of this LPG is likely to have started its journey through New Zealand at a Liquigas facility.

About LPG

LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) is the generic name for mixtures of propane and butane.

Storage & Safety

Our highly trained people at Liquigas proudly support a safety culture that is second to none, and our sites have been designed and constructed to the highest standards of safety.

About Us

Liquigas plays a vital role in the New Zealand energy market and yet is managed and operated by a small team.

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Liquigas is based in New Plymouth, New Zealand, with depots at Port Taranaki, New Plymouth; Auckland; Christchurch and Dunedin

Safe and Reliable LPG
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