Storage & Safety

Safety First

Safety is at the core of everything we do.

Our highly trained people at Liquigas proudly support a safety culture that is second to none, and our sites have been designed and constructed to the highest standards of safety.

“Mounding” our storage tanks; it was a world first

Liquigas was the first bulk LPG distribution company in the world to fully mound all of its storage tanks in the interests of safety. Mounding means that our storage tanks are encased in sand which is in turn covered with gravel. The sides of the mounds are faced with stone or pavers for added protection.

The 18mm thick mild steel tanks we use are relatively small – with a capacity of 100 tonnes each – to provide maximum safety and flexibility. Mounding provides a significant barrier against fire and external impacts, and allows the tanks to move sufficiently in the event of an earthquake.

The tanks have multiple systems to protect them from corrosion. Cathodic protection systems are checked for correct function on a weekly basis. Ultra-sonic detection equipment is used from the inside of the tanks to look for minute defects on the outside surface.

Safety Systems

At Liquigas we regularly update our control and safety systems to ensure that we retain the highest levels of safety technology. Gas, fire and earthquake detection systems will automatically shut down and isolate the entire LPG storage system.

Our sites are ringed by their own water main systems. Multiple fire hydrants, deluge systems and fire water monitors are fed from this “ring main”. Access to all sites is security controlled.

Safety at the Waterside

At the marine berths utilised by LPG bulk tankers, hydraulically operated marine loading arms are used for loading and unloading LPG.  The marine berths are equipped with all of the safety, detection, shutdown and firefighting systems that the main sites have.